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Elizabeth Baudouin is a writer/music supervisor/creative who lives in Los Angeles.


She began in music as the Music Director and on-air host of 88.9 WERS, while a studying PR/Marketing/Advertising at Emerson College. After graduating, Elizabeth went on to work in the music industry for eight years and then transitioned into working with major brands in art, culture, consumer and film. During this time she was also a music journalist and music editor for The Work Magazine while separetly music supervising content, tv/films and fashion presentations.


Elizabeth also writes personal essays that document the human experience with humor, complexity and cultural totems. Her work has appeared in publications such as Vogue, The Work Magazine, Atelier Dore and Huffington Post.  Elizabeth's music and culture journalism has been published in The Coveteur, The Work Magazine, FvF, Bullett Magazine, and BlackBook Magazine.  


Currently, Elizabeth is a music superisor and music consultant. For those services she can be reached through Late to Class.